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Clematis "Henryi"

One of the oldest of the large-flowering hybrids, it was first introduced in 1858 and remains the most popular white variety to this day. Flowers are 6” to 8” across, pure white, accented by warm brown stamens. Plants grow 10’ to 12” and require only moderate pruning. Blooms May and June.

Nothing pleases the eye quite as much as the sight of Henryi in full early-summer bloom, cascading over a wall or climbing a fence. The single daisy-shaped blooms are fully 6 to 7 inches across, with a dark center and a creamy "crease" or two up the center of each petal.

The effect is crisp and clean, particularly against the bright green foliage. And when Henryi shows new growth in spring, the leaves have a deep bronze hue! Henryi blooms all summer, with the heaviest flush early in the season, and has been a proven garden performer for many years.

Family: Ranunculaceae

Genus: Clematis (KLEM-uh-tiss)

Cultivar: Henryi

Early Large-flowered

10-12 ft. (3-3.6 m)

36-48 in.

USDA Zone 4a to Zone 9b

Bloom Color:
White/Near White

Bloom Shape:

Bloom Diameter:
Large - 6 to 8 inches (14 to 20 cm)

Bloom Time:
Late Spring/Early Summer
Blooms repeatedly

Sun Exposure:
Full Sun
Sun to Partial Shade

Other details:

Pruning Groups:
Group 2 - Repeat bloomers; prune immediately after flowering

Garden View

In the Garden

The Bloom

Multiple Blooms
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