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Home Page PhotoWe are a new web site dedicated to improving your gardening experience by providing the latest and greatest information about how to grow Clematis. Our goal is to provide you with pictures and information about the many varieties of Clematis that are available in today's marketplace and those that are new to today's market. Although there are hundreds of varieties of clematis, we will focus on those varieties that are both available and suitable for the North American garden.

We plan on continually updating our website to keep you informed on the best new varieties of Clematis and the best practices for growing and maintaining the Clematis in your garden.

We will be offering picture contests that will provide you the opportunity to showcase the beautiful Clematis in your gardens and allow you to view the many success stories from your fellow Clematis enthusiasts from around the Country. We will bring you articles from many of the Countries top Clematis experts and provide a forum for you to ask and answer questions from your fellow Clematis gardeners. We will be posting information about Clematis breeders from around the world and provide you with the full history of where these plants originate as well as what varieties will be coming to the market next.

Clematis has been long hailed as the Queen of the vines, and for good reason. There is no other perennial vine that offers as much versatility in both form and color and there has never been such abundant access to this wonderful plant then there is today.

In the past five years there have been many new introductions of perennial plants but no plant on the market has seen such incredible increase in availability of both old and new cultivars as the Clematis. As technology improves and Nursery growing techniques develop the availability of plants like Clematis which have long been viewed as plants for expert gardeners only has seen dramatic changes. Today the Clematis plant has become a species that every gardener can enjoy.

It is our mission to illustrate how easy it is to grow and how versatile the Clematis can be. Today you can enjoy Clematis in a planter on your patio or even indoors for weeks before the frost comes out of the ground and your outdoor garden ready to plant. We will show you how wonderful fresh cut Clematis from your garden will look in a vase on your coffee table and how a single long stem Clematis can transform a simple mix of cuts from your garden or the grocery store.

We hope you enjoy as the team of professionals here at is dedicated to providing you with the best resource for information pictures and dialogue about Clematis, the Queen of the vines.

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